IFR18650 3.2V 1500mAh LED flashlight battery

1. Specification

Description Unit Specification Remark
Nominal Voltage V 3.2 Single cell
Max. Charge Voltage V 3.7 Single cell
Discharge cut-off Voltage V 2 Single cell
Max. constant charge current mA 1500(1.0ItA) /
Max. constant discharge current mA 3000(2.0ItA) /
Rated Capacity mAh 1500 Charge with 0.2ItA to 3.7V,then charge with constant voltage till the charge current is less than 0.01ItA,and rest for 60 min, discharge with constant current 0.2ItA to 2.0V.
Operation Temp. Charge:0~70 /
Storage Temp. -10~45  /
within 1 month
Size   D: 18.00±0.2mm   H: 65.00±0.5mm  
Weight g About 40 For reference only
Storage Voltage V 3.20~3.40  

Base Data:

Nominal voltage 3.2V
Capacity comparison(mAh) 0.2ItA 1.0ItA
  1500 1425
Weight(g) 40
Internal Impedance at 1000Hz ≤60
(After Charge;mΩ)
Charge current Standard 300mA
  Fast 1500mA
Charge time Standard /
  Fast /
Ambient Temperature charge Standard 0~+70℃
    Fast +10~+45℃
  Discharge -20~+70℃
  Storage -10~+45℃

2. Discharge and Charge Performace

IFR18650 3.2V 1500mAh LED flashlight battery

3. Application

4. Battery Photo

IFR18650 3.2V 1500mAh LED flashlight battery


3.2V LiFePO4 battery

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